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Heavy Duty Conventional Lathe

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   Product Description    

    CG series heavy duty horizontal lathe is an electromechanical machine tool integrating electrical control, hydraulic control, modern machinery design and other disciplines, Our heavy duty horizontal lathe executes national lastest accuracy standard, which is designed and manufactured according to the international advanced technology and our many years experience. This kind of horizonta lathe has a perfect structure performance with high rigidity, longer service life, higher efficiency, safe and stable function with easy operation. 

1.CG series Heavy duty horizontal Lathe Series are widely used for turning not only the non-ferrous metals like various structure steels, casting steels and irons, but also the external/internal cylindrical / conical/ spherical surfaces, thread of non-metal materials and all kinds of the surface of curve rotary body.
2.Main transmission and feed transmission of CG series heavy duty horizontal lathe adopts separate structures. 

3.The machine bed of CG series heavy duty horizontal lathe adopts 3 guide rails, which adopts grinding process or inlaid steel structure of low friction & sliding flat guide rail.
4.The main transmission of CG series heavy duty horizontal lathe is driven by the AC motor directly.  It realizes different spindle speeds by 3 different mechanical gear shifts.
5.The main shaft of headstock is a cross-axle structure, which adopts double-row short cylindrical roller bearing with high precision and adjustable radial clearance. and adopts a larger spindle diameter and the best supporting span through optimization design, which improves the rotary accuracy and dynamic and static stiffness of the spindle.The center on the spindle adopts the flange type short taper shank structure, which improves the connection rigidity between the center and the spindle.
6.The horizontal direction of cutting tool carriage uses trapezoidal screw or ball screw, and the longitudinal direction adopts high precision gear and double-teeth rod gap clearance structure. Which improves the transmission accuracy of cutting tool carriage.
7.The tailstock is a kind of intergal box structure, the inner shaft adopts double-row short cylindrical roller bearing with high precision and adjustable radial clearance, and the center is a kind of flange type short taper shank, so that the tailstock has high rigidity. The sleeve and tailstock are both automatic and driven by the motor and equipped with hydraulic force measuring device.
8.This kind of heavy duty horizontal lathe can be also installed double cutting tool carriages, milling & boring device, and cooling device. 


X61 Heavy Duty Horizontal Lathe 


Machining Technical Parameters Max.swing diameter over machine bed mm 1600200025003150
Max.swing diameter over cutting tool carriagemm 1250165020502650
Max.work-piece weightT3263
Max.work-piece lengthmm 4000-20000
Machine Bed ParametersGuide rail typeRectangle4 guide rails
Guide rail widthmm 16002000
Headstock Spindle speed
Stepless variable frequency 
Spindle speed ranger/min1-1001-1001-1000.5-80
Main motor powerKW45557590
Max.chuck diametermm 1400160020002500
Max. chuck torqueknm80120
Feed DataMax.X axis strokemm 800100012501575
Max.Z axis strokemm 4000-20000
Feed range of X Axismm 1-200
Feed range of Z Axismm 1-200
Rapid moving speed of X axismm/min3000
Rapid moving speed of Z axismm/min2500
TailstockDiameter of tailstock sleeve mm 300420
Stroke of tailstock sleevemm300
Taper of tailstock sleeve75
Rapid moving speed of tailstockmm/min1500
Other datasMachine LengthmmDepends on the work-piece length
Machine Widthmm3500380040004200
Machine Height mm2300260030003500
Control system
Touch Operation Panel

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