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Floor Type Conventional Lathe

Product description


   Product description    

        Floor Type Lathe is also named as Large Head Lathe, Disc Lathe and Pit Lathe. The base guide rail adopts rectangle structure with big span, high rigidity and suitable for heavy turning with low speed. The operation station is installed on the front positions of machine with convenient operation and coordinate appearance. The structure of floor type lathe adopts the machine bed guide with the headstock spindle perpendicular to the support plate. The headstock and horizontal machine bed are the complete part and connected on the same machine base. The machine base is a kind of mountain guide structure, the horiozntal movement can be adjusted manually. The internal stess of machine castings can be eliminated by vibrating movement. The machine bed is also quenching by the super-audio and guide rail is grinding also. This machine has a large bearing capacity, strong rigidity, beautiful appearance and easy operation, which can machining various parts of the inside and outside cylindrical surface, end face, arc and other formed surface,it is the ideal equipment for processing various wheels, tires and large plane plate type, ring type parts. Floor type lathe is mainly used for turning large diameter heavy machinery parts, such as tire mold, large diameter flange tube plate, steam turbine parts, sealing head, widely used in petrochemical industry, heavy machinery, automobile manufacturing, mining and railway equipment and aviation parts processing and manufacturing.

   Product Datas    

CX60 Floor type Conventional Lathe


Machining Technical Parameters Max.swing diameter over machine bed mm 1600200025003000
Max.swing diameter over cutting tool carriagemm 1250160020002500
Max.work-piece weightT2T3T
Max.work-piece lengthmm 500750
Machine Bed ParametersGuide rail type
Stepless variable frequency 
Guide rail widthr/min10-1564-106
Headstock Spindle speedKW1518.522
Spindle speed rangemm 1250160020002500
Main motor powerknm2040
Max.X Axis strokemm 800100012501575
Max.Z Axis strokemm 500750
Feed DataFeed range of X Axismm/min1-200
Feed range of Z Axismm/min1-200
Rapid moving range of X Axismm/min2000
Rapid moving range of Z Axismm/min1500
Other DataMachine Length mm3500350045004500
Machine Widthmm2500280032003500
Machine Heightmm1800200025003000
Control System

   Product Diagram   


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