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Large Horizontal CNC Lathe

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    Product description    

   CK61 series Horizontal CNC Lathe is automatically controlled to realize different machining processes like inner hole, outer circle, conical surface, circular arc surface and threading. It is very suitable for machining shaft and disc parts, and widely used for steel & paper manufacture industries and the maintenance of large equipment. The machine bed adopts high-strength casting materials and resin sand molding. The guide rail adopts rectangle structure. The main driving mechanism of the headstock is driven by special AC frequency conversion or servo spindle motor.The tailstock fast moving mechanism is pulled by a separate motor.The tailstock tip can be used as either a live or a dead tip.The machine tool longitudinal direction is driven by the rack and pinion or ball screw, while the horizontal direction is driven by the ball screw , Both of horizontal and longitudial directions are driven by servo motor.

    Horizontal CNC Lathe can realize various turning processes, such as the outer circle, end face, inner hole, cutting groove, thread, R arc and other processes, it is also suitable for hard alloy tools for strong turning, processing a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

    The main part of the machine tool uses the international advanced computer technology and the optimization finite element analysis method,which make the lathe has a large load capacity, the design is reasonable, the material choice is exquisite.All castings are made of high strength and high grade Meehanite cast iron, which makes the machine tool has excellent rigidity, stability and accuracy, especially suitable for heavy cutting.All large castings are strictly done by the annealing heat-treatment, coupled with aging treatment, completely eliminate the internal stress, greatly improve the accuracy of the machine, processed parts have excellent geometric precision, the machine base for the cross structure, rectangular stress design, stable organization, reliable, long retention.

    The Machine bed guide adopts rectangular hard rail design, The guide surface is done by high frequency and high precision surface grinding treatment.The sliding surface is pasted with guideway tape, which makes the guideway surface more smooth and wear-resistant.The widened hard rail design ensures the resistance and stability required for heavy cutting.

    This machine adopts three supporting structure with good rigidity. Designing flexible lateral chip removal system with good performance. This machine is equipped with separate oil pump with excellent lubrication. The tailstock movement adopts mechanical device with reasonable rotation speed, feed rate and power. This kind of lathe has high rigidity, efficiency, energy-saving, easy operation and attractive appearance.

   Product Datas    

CK61 series Horizontal CNC Lathe


Machining Technical Parameters Max.swing diameter over machine bed mm 8001250160020002500
Max.swing diameter over cutting tool carriagemm 450850125016502050
Max.work-piece weightT2615
Max.work-piece lengthmm 1500-20000
Machine Bed ParametersGuide rail typeRectangle2 guide rail
Guide rail widthmm 60075516002000
Headstock Spindle speed
Stepless variable frequency 
Spindle speed ranger/min20-40010-2106-1604-106
Main motor powerKW11152230
Max.chuck diametermm 500800125016002000
Max. chuck torqueknm10152030
Feed DataMax.X axis strokemm 40062580010001250
Max.Z axis strokemm 1500-20000
Feed range of X Axismm 1-200
Feed range of Z Axismm 1-200
Feed speed of X axismm/min

Feed speed of Z axismm/min

TailstockDiameter of tailstock sleeve mm 140180240300
Stroke of tailstock sleevemm300
Taper of tailstock sleeve60
Rapid moving speed of tailstockmm/minManually1500
Other datasMachine LengthmmAccording to work-piece length
Machine Widthmm15002000350038004000
Machine Height mm14001800230026003000
Control system

   Product Diagram   


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